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Moving Düsseldorf and all North Rhine Westfalia
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Clearing within Düsseldorf & NRW

Is it time for a new start? Is it hard for you to get ride of things you have had for many years and do need more storage space?
Most people at some point in their lives will require the use of a house clearance company. How about to let some breeze into your secret drawers? We help you with it, respectfully and efficient.


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Renovation Clearance Düsseldorf

Sometimes people are not able to say Good Bye to their belongings, they just collect everything. We have seen it on TV, people who are unable to let go from anything for years.
Do you need help in clearing such an apartment? Not an easy job. But also in difficult cases we will support you professionally. We work discreet and sensitive and help you make the right choices. We offer help and advice before, during, and after your house clearance.

Our Service is personalized for you:
There are reasons that make household clearance nessessary. Most important is to change an unpleasant situation into a pleasant one. You might want to rent the apartment / house afterwords, or use it for yourself or your family. TINOVA will provide you with the right support, discretion and sensibility to find the perfect solution for you. BTW: we clear responsible and environment friendly.

This is an important topic to us. You are showing us your private belongings. Things which are valuable to you. We are happy to look at them, evaluate and share our opinion with on value with you.
Our constant experience in the market will provide you an objective opinion. Often things of value will be detected and therefore the cost of our services can be reduced.
WE are Experts!